Hey guys... 

Listen, I get it. As a man, therapy sounds embarrassing. Feelings are for wimps, dudes don't go to therapy... blah blah blah.

But you know you're feeling like shit right now. You wouldn't be hanging out on Google trying to find out what the hell is wrong with you if you didn't feel terrible right now. (That's how you found me, right?)

Your work is suffering. Your relationships are suffering. And most importantly, YOU'RE suffering.

It's true... therapy *is* a weird concept: you come and sit with some stranger and pour your heart out. But think about it... you're not comfortable (yet) opening up to your friends/family/spouse, you're definitely not going to have a chat with your boss/coworkers about your feelings, so what do you do? 

Therapy! Come sit with me, bitch to me about your life, express yourself without being judged, and ideally get to a place where you're feeling better and are more functional.

Shoot me an email to either find out if we can work together or to get some names for other badass therapists that fit your needs.