When you talk to yourself, you're not super kind to yourself. You're hard on yourself, you have high expectations of yourself, and falling short isn't an option. You could use some gentleness and compassion towards yourself. It's time to treat yourself with the same compassion you share with others in your life.


Anxiety is a real bitch. It's awful. You're exhausted all the time. You're sweaty. Your heart races. Terrible. You'll gain skills to combat your anxiety as well as challenge that tendency to jump to only negative conclusions. 


You're a pro at telling everyone "yes" and over-booking yourself. Saying "no" causes that inner dread feeling and thinking you're being an asshole. You're a people-pleaser and you're good at it. But people-pleasing is exhausting and holds you back. Maybe it's time to learn how to say "no" to others and "yes" to yourself.


Self-esteem refers to one's confidence in their own abilities and worth as well as their self-respect. You're amazing and my goal as your therapist is to unearth your sparkle. 


Relationships are incredibly important and building a meaningful connection may be a big goal of yours. But somehow your relationships fall apart or feel terrible. We can take a look at your relationship history and see what the heck is going on. And figure out what to do about it!

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