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So I Was On A Podcast About People-Pleasing.

When Chels and Adriana reached out to me on Instagram asking if I would join them as a guest on their podcast, Surviving Sometimes Thriving, I instantly got nervous. My anxiety shot up, my palms got sweaty, and Imposter Syndrome took hold.

Someone wanted me on their podcast?? There's no way. What do I have to offer?

Uh. Kailee. You're the therapist who does this shit for a living, so duh, if someone wanted to chat about people-pleasing, you'd be a reasonable option.

Imposter Syndrome is no joke.

So I made it through my very first podcast as a guest pertaining to my therapizing and my focus on people-pleasing. It was fun and exciting and I ended up being so worked up and adrenaline-filled the entire time that I stood up at the end of recording covered in sweat and vibrating. That's life folks!

Listen here: Surviving Sometimes Thriving: People-Pleasing

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