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Myth: My Therapist Probably Thinks I'm Crazy; FALSE!!

I'll save you a lot of time if you're not a big reader... your therapist doesn't think you're crazy! Period. Now continue on for more detail and #relatable examples that prove my assertion that you're not crazy.

I hear this ALL. THE. TIME: "You're gonna think I'm crazy when I tell you this, but... " and then something completely normal comes out of their mouth. Seriously. Completely normal! Like things I've done, thought, said or felt and have seen other people do/think/say/feel. Other people I'd 100% consider normal people!

Here are some examples of the types of "craziness" I hear on a daily basis:

"You're gonna think I'm crazy when I tell you this..."

"...I stalked by ex's Facebook and checked out his pictures from 2007." Who hasn't?

" the shower this morning, I thought about some huge catastrophe that's going to happen to me and I worry about who would come feed my cat." Yup. Anxiety blows, but again, normal.

"...I talk to myself when I'm in the car, rehearsing how I'm going to talk to my boss today." Smart! Feeling prepared may help you feel more confident.

"...I automatically jump to the conclusion my partner is cheating on me when his/her phone goes off though logically, I 100% know this is false. What the hell is wrong with me?" Maybe some trust issues are in there, but once again, not crazy.

I will spare you and not go on for page after page, though I COULD go on and on giving examples of perfectly normal things that clients time and time again use to label themselves as "crazy," "insane," "nuts," or (my personal fave) "a hot mess." I hope you get the picture. Those things you consider abnormal may not be all that far from the norm.

Now that doesn't mean there may not be some underlying concerns such as #trust issues, #anxiety, #selfesteem struggles, #insecurities, and so on. These things are worth taking a look into and resolving, but calling yourself crazy? Completely false!

So one more time, say it with me: You're Not Crazy.

Until next time,


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